Tracking Family Health History

Tracking Family Health History

Tracking Family Health History

It’s worth taking time to slow down and carefully think about your family health history, and here’s why.

Your family history is one of the tools that can help your primary care doctor in Sugar Land, Texas, identify the genetic illnesses/risks you might have inherited.

Delving deeper into family conversations about your health history can reveal information you may not have known in the past. Sharing that history with your internal medicine doctor in Sugar Land allows you to have a more informed discussion about your health risks, allowing your healthcare provider to give you a more personalized health plan.

Sugar Land Physicians is a provider of top-quality medical services in Texas that examines and analyzes our patients’ symptoms to identify their medical needs thoroughly.

Our mission is to provide better doctors that can give professional and safe advice to patients who need assistance to cope and heal from conditions that are difficult to manage.

If a health condition is present in multiple members of your family, such as cancer or a heart condition, it might be wise to get yourself, and your children checked for it, too.

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