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Family Physicians in Sugar Land, Texas

Other Tests & Services at RediClinic Walk-In Clinics

RediClinic offers additional tests and services at the clinics.

Ear Irrigation$45 (utilization of ear curette on patient) / $0 (use of elephant ear wash) included in medical
Flu Instant Test A & B$50
Incision & Drainage of Abscess (boil)$130
Injectable AntibioticsPrice varies*
Minor Laceration ClosurePrice varies*
Mono Instant Test$19
Nebutrzer Breathing Treatments (for asthma)Price varies*
Pink Eye Instant Tests$29
Pregnancy Instant Test$25
Steroid Injections$23 to $63
Strep Instant Test$35
Suture/Staple (stitches) Removal$39 (minor injuries only, no post op)
Throat Culture$49
Urinalysis Dipstick$35


*Prices vary depending upon clinical assessment of patient. Walk-in to RediClinic to ask about our pricing for the service you require.