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Dr. Tehmina Sami M.D
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Women’s Health is the best way to identify the early signs of disease or other medical problems so you can get treatment. Dr. Tehmina Sami provides annual physical exams for men and women throughout the Sugar Land, Texas, area so they can feel confident about their health and wellness.

Women’s Health Q & A

by Dr. Tehmina Sami M.D

Why do I need an annual physical?

Annual physicals are the number one way to help identify changes in your health that could indicate you’re at risk for developing a more serious disease or medical condition. They can also help identify preventive steps you can take to maintain good health, like having certain vaccinations or tests that can identify diseases and risk factors. And they provide an opportunity for the doctor to provide you with helpful health-related advice while also giving you a chance to ask questions.

What does an annual physical include?

During the first part of your exam, Dr. Tehmina Sami will talk to you about your recent health history, including gathering information about any problems or illnesses you may have had since your last visit. During the physical portion of your exam, vital signs like blood pressure and pulse will be measured, your ears and throat will be examined, and he’ll listen to your heart and lungs and gently palpate (press) your belly to check your liver and abdomen area. Finally, he may order blood work or other lab tests so he can provide you with the best advice based on your health.

How should I prepare for my physical?

Be sure to have a list of all the medications you’re taking, or better yet, bring them with you. Make a list of any questions or concerns you have ahead of time so you can ask the doctor during your exam. Having a list ensures you don’t forget anything. Also be prepared to provide medical information like a family health history that may help identify potential genetic risk factors. If it’s your first time at the office or you’ve had medical tests performed elsewhere since your last visit, you may want to have your records forwarded to the office prior to your exam.