Can Red Wine Improve Your Gut’s Microbiome?

Can Red Wine Improve Your Gut’s Microbiome?

Red Wine, Can It Improve Your Microbiome?

A small sip of the red stuff now and then might help keep your gut bacteria healthy and happy, new research says.

According to this study, even just one glass of red wine a week can improve the diversity of the good bacteria in your microbiome, which in turn can help lower bad cholesterol and keep your weight down.

The microbiome is an assortment of bacteria in the gut that has an essential role in health. A healthy and well-maintained microbiome helps digest food and keeps most diseases at bay. Internal Medicine Doctors in Sugar Land say that an unbalanced microbiome, on the other hand, can contribute to poor functioning of the immune system, weight gain, and high cholesterol.

Since red wine contains polyphenols, it helps feed the good bacteria in the microbiome. Polyphenols are also found in fruits and vegetables and include antioxidants. Consuming these can aid with your gut health.

However, primary care doctors in Sugar Land, Texas caution that despite these findings leading to red wine’s probability of improving the diversity of good gut bacteria, there still needs to be more research conducted on whether it can improve one’s microbiome conditions.

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